Finding Beauty in Ingrid

Jessica Santonato
3 min readJun 19, 2021


PUUR Ingrid, that is.

Recently, I’ve had the joy of experiencing clean beauty products from PUUR Ingrid, an eco-conscious beauty company based in Alberta, Canada that does zero animal testing and has zero artificial perfumes in their line.

The two facial products I tried were the Facial Radiance ($39 CAD retail) and Squalane Absolute ($28 CAD retail). First, I love that the company uses all recycled materials as packaging. Second, I appreciate that the products have the Cert Clean certification, which identifies products that are formulated without toxic ingredients. Remember, what goes on your body also goes in your body!

I recommend applying the Facial Radiance to your face twice a day, once in the morning after cleaning and once in the evening after washing off the day’s makeup and grime. A small amount goes a long way. It’s a nice, light oil that can be rubbed between your palms for a few seconds and then patted onto your face. I didn’t find a problem putting my makeup on top after a few minutes of letting it absorb into my skin, which is a bonus since some other oils on the market are too heavy to do that.

Squalane is a beauty must-have, in my books. I’ve always found that my skin has an extra glow after just a short time of using squalane daily. PUUR Ingrid’s is derived from 100% plant sugar — vegan friendly! So I was super excited to try this one! I found it slightly oiler than the Facial Oil and therefore only recommend to apply it at night before bed, and after the Facial Oil (or in replacement of) — that is, if you wish to use it on your face; the oil can also be applied to your body or hair. Again, it was enough to put a small amount between my palms and then pat it on my face.

Besides the two facial oils, I also tried the Triple Treat Tonic, a spray that promotes a healthy scalp. Simply spray it a few times on your hair and comb through after a shower and leave it. I personally would have preferred a different scent for this but it did leave my hair smelling subtly pleasant.

I intend to soon try other products in the PUUR Ingrid line soon, such as their body oil and hair wash. This is a company worth supporting! I’m a new fan!

The company ships worldwide.

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