Ladies, This Beauty Line Will Make You Feel Like A Goddess

Jessica Santonato
5 min readJul 18, 2019

Because what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body.

I like my products like I like my people: NON-TOXIC


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Jess, you talk about mindset, forgiveness, the power of story sharing…

So what’s the deal with you talking about beauty products?!

Listen up. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the last several years is the importance of taking care my myself first. Plain and simple. If I’m not in the best physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition I know myself to be, I’m no good to anyone else. What do they say on the airplane before take-off? “Put your mask on first before placing one on your child…”

Health has had an extremely close place in my heart over the last twenty years, when I first consciously decided how important it was to take care of me. But it really didn’t become super clear until I left my marriage and started the next chapter of my life as a single mom and entrepreneur.

Suddenly, I had to make my health a priority if I was to step up my game in these leadership roles. My kids needed me, my clients needed me, my friends needed me. I believe that not making ourselves top priority is a selfish act.

I‘ve recently had the privilege of getting to try two of T. Langhans best-selling products. This Canadian company, who handcrafts their goods in Uxbridge, Ontario, makes everything from eco-luxury castile hand creams to soaps to body wash.

As you can see in the photo above, these babies came in beautiful dark glass bottles, which are better for the environment (hello, no plastic) and better hold the qualities of the olive oil contained inside.

The package arrived in careful packaging to protect the glass bottles inside. I first hesitated to put the soap in our bathroom as the kids don’t understand the value of this soap, and based on how much I know them to pump out soap, I was afraid this would be gone in no time. But that’s all lack mentality. Why shouldn’t they indulge in it as well?

Prior to using T. Langhans, I was using J.A.S.O.N. hand and body cream, which I still love. However, this new line was a class of its own.

Let’s start with the hand and body cream. It is super light in texture and glides beautifully on the skin, which means one pump goes a long way! It absorbs perfectly into the skin and leaves no greasy residue (a huge bonus!). Tova, the founder of the line, managed to absolutely perfect the fragrance in these products- light floral mixed with a hint spice (perhaps to appeal to both males and females?), is the simplest way my nose can describe it. I can’t stand heavy fragrances and this is seriously the perfect balance for me. The only downside for me, if I was to point anything out, is that I have to cup my hand over the pump when I press it down to avoid cream from projecting onto my dresser or clothes. Given how much I love the cream, it’s not a deal-breaker at all.

At first I sparingly used the cream to make it last longer, but I figured why not feel like I’m treating myself the best possible ALL the time?! Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so I figure I make each moment count. I only have to apply this once in the morning and it keeps my skin soft all day and after two months of using this straight, I have noticed my skin softer and smoother. Does the job and I feel like a queen? Yes, ma'am!

Super silky light and glides beautifully!

The hand soap.

Let me be honest. I love foam. It feels like I’m clean with foam. So I wasn’t a believer when I first felt the texture of the soap. This was supposed to clean my hands thoroughly, even on a greasy hand day? I know that foam is just something so many of us are used to and that it doesn’t mean a product isn’t effective if it doesn’t bubble up. I am also aware that a fat or grease is needed in cleaning products in order to remove fat or grease (thanks grade eight science teacher, Mr. Kovacs), so it made sense that Tova infused her soap with virgin olive oil.

Not only does the soap clean wonderfully and with a small amount, but it’s also perfectly scented like her body and hand cream! Excuse me while I sniff my skin over and over again.

Bottom line: I’m a new fan of T.Langhans.

Is it worth the $30-$35 CAD price tag each? 100%.

Purchase yours here. You are so worth it, babe.

Disclaimer: While it is true that I will make a small commission from the links on this page, I only commit to writing honest and truthful reviews of products.

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