Review of Moor Spa Products (& how you can score 15% off)

Jessica Santonato
4 min readJan 7, 2021

Founder, Michael Beresford’s mission is simple: “When in doubt, leave it out.” Since 1998, Moor Spa (a Canadian company- yay!) has been leading the natural skincare movement, providing 100% Naturally Sourced Guaranteed products. All of Moor Spa’s products contain the exclusive Austrian Moor, a nutrient rich plant, flower, and herbal complex that enhances skin’s health and appearance.

A big “yes” for me is that Moor Spa products are certified by CertClean, North America’s leading certification for safer skincare, a company that I’ve only had positive experiences with.

First, let me share about my skin. I’m a 39 years-young Asian with fair-medium skin. I get oily on my T-Zone by end of day, some dry areas around my mouth and nose, otherwise a clear complexion (check out 7 things I do for radiant skin here). My goal is to use clean and safe products that reduce and prevent wrinkles, and can give me an extra glow.

I must say that I appreciate Moor Spa’s simple and clean branding and packaging. Everything works smoothly, from the pumps to the caps opening/closing. They also added a personal touch my shipment, which made a difference in how it was received! The small things do count!!

Here are 3 beautiful products of Moor Spa that I’ve had the blessing of trying (all are great for all skin types):

First up was the Hydrating Serum, made to hydrate with its hyaluronic acid and kelp extract. It also contains marine phytoplankton for extra nourishment, and a combination of Vitamin C and ectoin for skin protection. After washing my face with warm water in the morning and spraying toner on, I’d use one pump of the serum and gently pat it into my face and neck. I absolutely love this serum because it’s super light-weight and absorbs rapidly. It’s also non-greasy, so I can easily apply makeup on top — a winning factor for me. I noticed that my face stayed moisturized throughout the entire day, and this says a lot given that I’ve tried this during the cold Canadian winter.

The second product I tried is their Kelp Enzyme Mask, which has fossilized sea kelp, enzymes and and mineral blend to gently exfoliate, tighten and cleanse skin. I applied this after washing my face in the evenings, once a week, finding that I needed more than anticipated to spread it out evenly on my face. It is very light-weight and as it dries, it feels like your skin is tightening until you wash it off. I love that I was always left feeling refreshed and smooth!

The third product I sampled is the Nourishing Facial Oil, which I have to admit I reeeaaally enjoyed. I applied this at night after washing my face with a gentle cleanser and toner by pressing it into my skin with my palms. I wouldn’t recommend it in the morning before putting makeup on because of how oily it is, even though it’s very light and smooth — save it for nighttime! Every other day I would use this oil to give myself a facial massage, something new I’ve been trying to improve my skin’s overall health. This one is definitely a keeper!

Aaaaaand this is a huge bonus for me: the company’s packaging is fully biodegradable, including the packing peanuts! I did a test by running water over them and they disintegrated before my eyes! LOVE it!! I wholeheartedly stand by companies that strive to protect the Earth.

I am a new fan of Moor Spa and would recommend their products to women in a heartbeat!

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  • Free product was received from Moor Spa in exchange for an unbiased review

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